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Partial Powers System; The Powers available for By Design
Topic Started: May 20 2008, 10:57 AM (5,302 Views)
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The Fool.
The List of Powers
The following is a list the Powers (most being generally available) in the By Design campaign.

The ability to conjure 'something from nothing' has been absorbed into sorcery while the ability to create, empower or locate items has been absorbed into the appropriate powers above. The items themselves can be defined using the Item Creation Rules.

New or Additional Powers
There is always scope for exploration, experimentation and new ideas, so don’t feel that this list is a complete list of all the possible powers available. Should you have a specific idea in mind, you are welcome to discuss it with the GM.

Partial Powers
Using a partial power system allows you, to some extent, to customise your character as it allows you to purchase elements of a power without the massive outlay the powers often require of you in an Amber game. This is obvious useful when playing a game based around younger characters and also where characters evolve and change their path throught the game.

The only rules when purchasing partial powers is to firstly ensure that you have an In Character reason for knowing the skill, and that you've met the Out of Character skill requirements.

Advanced and Exalted Powers
Advanced and Exalted powers are available and have been mapped out. I prefer players asking for specific abilities based on your character's background and development rather than tailoring your character to the abilities I have listed. Additional capabilities can always be added and costed based on your needs and requirements - one of the core beauties of a partial power system!
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